Product Benefits

AProductivity and Quality of agricultural crops. The Nutrition with SiliTRIH and cultivation, reinforces the plants with their capacity of storage and distribution of carbohydrates required for the growth and production of harvest.

SiliTRIH protects against diseases caused by fungi and protects, insect attack, mites and unfavorable weather conditions.

Increases soil resistance against wind and water erosion.

SiliTRIH helps in the development of the plant circulation system and can increase root mass from 50 to 200%, as it increases the number of stems per seed.

Increases resistance and drought control of plants

Fertilization with SiliTRIH can optimize water utilization by approximately 30 to 40%, increasing irrigation intervals without negative effects on plants.

Our product restores soil degradation and increases the level of fertility for Agricultural Production. SiliTRIH the productivity of Horticulture.

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